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Invensure has firm Southern California roots. Richard began his insurance journey when he was twenty-one, working for his father's insurance brokerage. Bob entered the insurance world in 1997 after a decade in sales and management. After building a firm foundation in the insurance world, Rich and Bob branched off and partnered to start their own insurance brokerage, Sherman Parent. Sherman Parent then rebranded to become what it is today, Invensure. As a company, we pride ourselves on connection with our clients. We are extremely confident in what we do, and we feel it is our duty to keep you protected. We are a family owned business, and that family component spills into our employee and client relationships. We want to know you, and what is important to you. We want to know your business and where your passions lay. And we are here to be your trusted advisor, to manage your risk, and prepare you in the best way possible.

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