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Employee Benefits

Providing affordable health care options to your employees is not just a courtesy, it is required by the Affordable Care Act. Invensure works with hundreds of businesses and their employees, all with unique needs and complex issues - so we understand that what your business needs might be different than what your competitor needs and what one employee is looking for is different than their coworker needs. We get to know your business, your goals, and your employees so we can customize an employee benefits program that meets those needs.

Our advisors are expertly trained to design and implement employee benefit programs that excite both management and staff alike. We represent hundreds of clients with unique needs and complex benefit issues. We ensure employers remain well informed about benefit plans and increasing health care costs. As these costs rise, we analyze claim data and benchmarking information to help you make an informed decision regarding benefit plans.

In addition to traditional medical plans, we offer dental plans, vision plans, disability, life insurance, long-term care, supplemental insurance, Health Savings Accounts (HSA), Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), estate planning, travel accident insurance, and COBRA administration. We work with you every step of the way, from creating a strategy to implementation and beyond.

As your trusted advisors, here's what you can expect from us:

  • Work with you to establish a comprehensive, multi-year Employee Benefit Strategy
  • Bring to bear the personnel and resources needed to implement that Strategy
  • Perform careful plan design with a keen focus on cost containment and funding options
  • Engage all carriers and vendors in dynamic, aggressive rate negotiations
  • Implement employee benefits plans with personal communication to enhance comprehension and appreciation
  • Assign a full support team to assist you in the resolution of claim, eligibility, enrollment and billing issues
  • Identify and deliver the technology needed to deploy and administer your employee benefit plans throughout the year
  • Work to ensure that all components of your strategy are in full regulatory compliance
  • Regularly monitor all plans and regulatory requirements using benchmarks for progress and success
  • Perform every aspect of our duties well in advance of deadlines to allow ample time for analysis

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Our employee benefits specialists can help you create a strong program that meets your goals for your employees and for your company. Call (800) 331-4700 to speak to an expert.


We work with clients to establish a comprehensive, multi-year strategy for employee benefits, taking into account things like the personnel and resources a business will need to implement and continue that strategy. Once we have a strategy in mind, we negotiate with carriers and vendors to assure that you have options that are not only effective, but affordable as well.


A dedicated team of employee benefits experts will help you implement your new employee benefits strategy. They are available to help with enrollments; answer questions about eligibility and claims; and assist with billing issues. We can also help identify and deliver technology that will help with administration of the program throughout the year.


Communication is crucial in deploying a successful employee benefits program, so we empower you and your employees to make informed decisions with detailed communication, education, and training. We offer open enrollment meetings at your office to present the materials needed for quick enrollments. We also offer Q&A sessions, online benefit surveys, and health fairs.


Health care requirements continue to change, and we understand maintaining an employee benefits program that is compliant with all of the rules and regulations in place can be difficult. We provide the reports, forms, and documents you will need to complete. We also offer legislative updates that might affect you, as well as HR support.


Even well put together employee benefits programs require ongoing administration, but that administration can be difficult. We can provide you with programs like COBRA Administration, Flexible Spending Accounts, and Online Enrollment that streamline your administration process.